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A New Future
1 min read

A New Future

I've had plenty of time to think about how the COVID19 crisis will change our landscape and have settled on a few accentuated ways (Disclaimer: most are strengths we have been blogging about for many years).

First, the specialty breed of Limited Edition vacation rentals will gain an unprecedented edge over hotels because we are easier to control hygienically: put bluntly, smaller-scale means fewer germs for travelers to worry about. Our 'category awareness' is about to step into the spotlight. Get ready to grab the mic.

Second, there's been a lot of hype about experiential travel over the years, but moving forward I believe travelers will take it to heart: stepping outside their comfort zones, immersing in local cultures, connecting with strangers: this aspirational style of travel will surge because, well, life is short! We only live once, amigos.

OUT is cheaper, faster, better. IN is slower, local, more purposeful. OUT is scale, break things, and run. IN is human, kindness, and walk.

IN will be stand-alone properties (that don't share elevators/stairwells with others). IN will be isolated, rural, and leisure markets where distance is king. IN will be a new appreciation for any host with meaningful roles and contacts in their local community. And IN will be making a good living from your business (but not getting rich). Finding your business' sweetspot is all of a sudden the sustainable goal we can all realistically achieve.

I intend to unite our fellow vacation rental colleagues in writing this future and encourage you to think about the values you want represented. We have a very rare opportunity to shape the future of a movement and it will take every single hand on deck (but not touching each other's hands).