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New Unlocked Podcast Series 'The Reset' Launches Today
1 min read

New Unlocked Podcast Series 'The Reset' Launches Today

New Unlocked Podcast Series 'The Reset' Launches Today

The "Hard Reset" being a metaphor lots of vacation rental professionals can get behind, we decided to make it the theme of a whole podcast season!

In Dana Lubner's relatively short time in the vacation rental industry, she has emerged as an advocate and leader for responsible, professional rentals in a tough market.  By pioneering 'The Good Neighbor Summit' in Denver, Dana learned how getting public and private stakeholders together can change the narrative about the industry and generate positive press.

In our first Season 5 episode, she sits down with Matt remotely to talk about the summit and what it has meant for her business, as well as dogs, quarantine zoom dance parties and what the future holds.

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