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Everything  that VRMB has ever written, shared, or presented on stage has to do  with independence. It is time-tested. Sometimes independence in  branding: presenting yourself authentically so people remember, refer,  and come back to you. Sometimes independence as marketing  diversification: not being too dependent on any one given listing site,  person, region, or demographic. And sometimes independence in self-care:  treating yourself and your body well so that you can treat guests that  way too. If  you have ever attended one of my presentations, you know I end with the  following message: the more independent your business is, the more you  sustain industry blows and market corrections. If you have been  practicing independence over time, you sustain shocks far better than  businesses who have not. While the short-term outlook may be rough, I  can assure you that when it subsides, all your hard work over the years  will pay off. This is what we’ve been working towards!!


While  the virus is completely out of our control (apart from staying home and  limiting the spread in our local communities), the good news is that  THIS WILL END (hopefully sooner rather than later) and when it does, the  companies who have used the downtime to preserve and strengthen  relationships will find that those relationships are the most precious  resource in their kick-start forward again. Get inspired by ​The Star Throwers -- ​VR leaders who invest in relationships in ​their broader ​community and environment.

The  good news is that if you built your business to the point it's at  today, you can do it again (and better/faster) tomorrow. The good news  is that if you've developed years of experience in vacation rentals,  that wisdom will be more in demand than ever before.​