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Pivot to Mid- or Long-Term Rental

Pivot to Mid- or Long-Term Rental

Create cashflow and save your "customer service" muscles from atrophying

This is certainly not an "easy" thing to do psychologically, but in a lot of cases pivoting your short term rental to mid- or long-term solves the primordial need for cashflow and the physics-like need for movement or momentum.

Momentum or activity during a downtime fights off atrophy of our Service Muscles. It allows us, like a pendulum, to pick up steam – bit by bit – so that when it is time to shift back to short-term, our minds and our businesses are oiled and running smooth (not rusty or stiff).

Consider listing your property on Craigslist, Facebook rental marketplace, Zillow, Hot Pads and furnished finder for a reasonable sum – find a fair price that will cover your costs and look to local medical institutions for potential tenants.

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