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Get More Parts on the Table
1 min read

Get More Parts on the Table

There’s a famous moment towards the end of the story of Apollo 13 in  which the astronauts will die if mission control engineers don't  improvise and create a makeshift carbon dioxide filter immediately.

One  engineer dumps a box of random space parts onto the table — hoses,  bags, ducktape, suits, canisters — and the team goes to work. “Let’s get  it organized,” says one engineer. “OK let’s build a filter,” says  another. “Better put a pot of coffee on.”

This  Coronavirus crisis will force each of us to dump our spare parts — all  the pieces of our vacation rental business — onto a table, and to  reassemble them in a new configuration in a post-coronavirus world. It  may look similar to your previous business -- it may look totally  different. The trick is not to sit around and try to think big thoughts.  The trick is to get more parts on the table.

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