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Reduce Your Energy Bills
1 min read

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Summary: Resetting your business means doing research for optimal providers. Do an audit of your monthly internet, telephone and energy bills. Below is a brief description of how to reduce your energy bills.

If you live in a deregulated energy state, your electricity service consists of two parts: delivery and supply. Since the delivery part is managed by your local utility, which owns the wires that go into your house, you can't change that part. You can, however, compare and choose who supplies your electricity.  This is where hosts can potentially realize big savings.

You will get the same exact bill are you already getting from your utility company, simply reflecting your new supplier on the second page.  And, while your new electricity supplier is going to supply your electricity, your utility company is still responsible for the delivery portion of your service, which also includes any maintenance or service interruptions.

As the cost of producing renewable energy continues to drop, the cheapest supplier is usually the green one, enabling hosts to instantly switch to green renewable energy and market their accommodations as sustainable and eco-friendly.  According to, 70% of global travelers say they would be more likely to book an accommodation knowing it was eco-friendly, whether they were looking for a sustainable stay or not.

Mark Feygin is a CEO of PowerSetter ( which enables hosts to instantly (and free) compare all and choose the cheapest energy supplier, significantly reducing energy bills.