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Stay Active While Being Productive
1 min read

Stay Active While Being Productive

Trying to balance screen time and physical activity has proven difficult while being home alone for a few weeks. In between guest calls, client work and strategic changes I wanted to work in some physical activities that I could do at the rentals that will help in both marketing (promoting our cleaning efforts) and welcoming guests safely. These are some things I have found helpful:

  • Do the “Corona cleanse” on all properties
  • Using this time for a full inventory (not just my standard monthly) of all items at all properties
  • Re-laundering, inspecting and taking full Inventory of all linens at all properties
  • Organize the shit out of everything. While I hit most properties with the label maker last year, I am going back through where needed and replacing labels that may look worn or that I never got to
  • I also plan to complete my Commitment to Safety Certification via Breezeway. After Justin Ford, Director of Safety came to Nashville and gave a presentation on safety, this has been on the to-do list since November of last year but well, time. I even have a page on my Southbound Stays website ready for it! I told Justin I was putting together this post and he provided a code for anyone reading this to get 10% off their safety inspection, MEGANSENTME. NOTE: If you’re a NASTRA member, please do not use this code. We have something special coming for you!

Pro tip: I know it’s hard to justify spending money when rent revenue isn’t coming in. If it helps, create a shopping list with links to items needed that you can slowly purchase during the down time or once things pick back up.