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Email Template for Handling Refund Requests
3 min read

Email Template for Handling Refund Requests

This post comes from Craig Reid of Professional Holiday Homes in Australia.


Thank-you for your email. We have put together the following FAQ's to answer any questions you may have. Please let us know how you would like to proceed with your current booking.

Are you providing refunds on bookings?

We are providing all guests a travel credit equal to the value of their booking to use at the same property any time during the next 12 months. We are sorry but we are unable to provide refunds.

I'm really doing it tough at the moment - can't you make an exception?

We are very sorry but we are all doing it tough at the moment. Our business is a small family business and is our only source of income. Our bookings have dropped to almost zero and like many other businesses we are struggling to survive. We have staff and owners to support who have their own families to look after.

What happens if I choose to cancel my booking?

As per our terms and conditions, if you wish to cancel your booking, the cancellation policy of the website you booked with will apply without exception. As per our confirmation email and rental agreement we advise all guests to take out travel insurance to protect themselves from the financial impact of cancellation.

I do not wish to have a travel credit - what will I get back if I cancel?

The amount that is refunded to you will depend upon the cancellation policy of the website you booked with and your dates of travel, but at a minimum you will receive a refund of the cleaning / linen fees. Please contact the website you booked with for exact details of the payout amount.

If you still wish to cancel and have booked through Stayz / Homeaway or please submit a cancellation request through those websites. If you booked directly with us we will cancel your booking upon your confirmation via email.

Why are you not refunding me?

Under the terms and conditions of our agreement we do not provide refunds under these circumstances. We are providing a 12 month travel credit for all guests (which we do not have to provide but which we are providing as a gesture of goodwill under these difficult circumstances). This is a reasonable period in line with other accommodation and transport providers policies.

Isn't there a travel ban?

At the current time there is no ban of any kind for travel within NSW. If you are unable to travel due to state or international restrictions at this time you can reschedule your dates up to 12 months if you have a booking between now and the end of April.

What if I have a booking after 30th April?

Please contact us towards the end of April and we will discuss options regarding your booking.

Do I have to stay at the same house?

Yes. As proceeds of payments go directly to owners we cannot switch your stay to another property.

What if the dates I choose are different to my current dates?

Think of the travel credit like a store gift card - you can use it how you wish. If you book more expensive dates you can pay the additional balance, if you book cheaper dates you can use the remaining balance to book another set of dates.

Once I've selected my rescheduled dates can I change the dates?

You can only change the dates for a second time if there are Coronavirus restrictions still in place. This will be at our discretion.

Can I pick dates beyond 12 Months?

No. We feel 12 months is a sufficient period to select dates from.

I've already cancelled my booking - can I still get the travel credit?

We can arrange a travel credit equal to the amount you have paid.

How do I arrange to reschedule my dates?

1. Go to the website you booked with. 2. Identify the dates you would like 3. Advise us of the dates via email 4. We will advise you of any payment required or remaining credit balance.