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The New Personal Check-in
1 min read

The New Personal Check-in

Guests in a post-coronavirus world will have a newfound need for personal space and privacy – so we must work hard to find the balance between distant yet personal. How can we give them that space yet be "proximate" or close to their needs in other ways?

Here are some steps to use the down-time to refine your check-in process:

1. Refine Email Sequence Prior to Arrival

When it comes to check-ins, prepare far in advance with a thoughtful email sequence using your property management software. Break your information down into pieces/emails so it's not too overwhelming. And provide your contact information at every step of the way. It is important to be EXTRA up front with your cancellation policy in a post-Covid-19 world. So don't shy away from making this clear every step along the way.

2. Consider New Tools for the Arrival

When the guests arrive again, we can avoid physical hand-offs by using smart-home tools like digital locks and thermostats (I always recommend PointCentral) and digital welcome books (I always recommend Touchstay) so each visitor can get acquainted on his or her own device. Preserve previous levels of service and communication using phone calls, text messages, or, my personal favorite, welcome videos that convey personality and attention to detail without getting all up in someone's personal space.  

Real Life Example

Listen to this podcast featuring Bernardo Retana of Otium Residences who perfected the text message welcome procedure years ago.

Note: these are tools that have proven to be successful before the virus hit – so it's not like we're inventing anything new, just embracing them harder.