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Post-COVID19 Vacation Rental Cleaning Guidelines by Durk Johnson
2 min read

Post-COVID19 Vacation Rental Cleaning Guidelines by Durk Johnson

This document was prepared by Durk Johnson from Housekeeping Solutions Team. Durk has emerged over the years as the leading housekeeping spokesperson for the vacation rental industry. With the Covid19 crisis, his expertise is important than ever before.

Cleaning a vacation rental is no small task. A cleaner is expected to take a property that is in disarray from departing guests and completely reset it—eradicating the microbes that have been left behind in the property and creating a like-new experience for arriving guests. A vacation rental cleaning professional understands that cleaning a property effectively requires specific training, appropriate supplies, and a systematic process.

The work of vacation rental professional cleaners will encompass the following:


Laws and regulations: Make every effort to learn and comply with all local, state, and federal regulations that may apply to vacation rental cleaning.

Safety training: Complete training regarding proper and safe cleaning techniques, property security, and the OSHA Hazard Communication program. Cleaners will understand how to safely use chemical products (such as germicides used to clean bathrooms) and dispose of trash, cleaning supplies, and biohazards appropriately.

Brand standard: Understand their personal accountability to a) clean to the brand standards outlined by the property owner or manager has outlined, and b) deliver a positive first impression for every guest upon arrival to the property.


Commercial cleaning products: Deploy an arsenal of commercial cleaning products to sanitize and disinfect every surface. These products are specially formulated and tested to break down body oils, soap scum, and kill various microbes and viruses.

PPE: Maintain a supply of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as listed in section 8 of each cleaning product’s SDS. Standard PPE may include disposable gloves, safety glasses or goggles, masks, shoe covers, etc.

Cleaning tools: Use quality and professional tools, including microfiber rags, large and small brushes, melamine foam sponges, and floor mops with replaceable cleaning pads.


High-touch areas: Ensure the property’s high-touch areas are cleaned and scrubbed with every cleaning, including light switches, fan pull chains, remote controls, cabinet knobs, appliance handles, kitchen counters, etc.

Kitchens: Verify that every kitchen item is clean and ready for the next guest, including pots, pans, glasses, plates, utensils, etc.

Linens: Launder linens appropriately to minimize the potential for the growth of harmful bacteria.

Vacuums: Vacuum all appropriate surfaces as part of regular cleaning. Wipe down and store the vacuum so it is available for guest use as needed.

Floors: Use the appropriate cleaning product on each floor surface to ensure that all microbes and viruses are killed.