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Send Small Gifts in Gratitude
1 min read

Send Small Gifts in Gratitude

Reaching out  and thanking former guests for support strengthens repeat business

Looking ahead to the end of this mess we are turning our minds to how we  can re-engage with our guests, giving them a small gift and reminding  them that our common deprivations are short term compared to others in  the world.

Since we make our own olive oil, which we normally provide in the  guests’ apartments.  We are planning on sending to our guests a token  bottle of our oil, something quintessentially Italian to bring a little  bit of Mediterranean sunshine into their lives.

We also buy our toilet paper in big cartons from Who Gives a Crap so we have no shortage. We thought that a gift of a roll would help our  guests to get over the shortfall they are facing and also remind them  that while it is inconvenient to worry about loo roll there are people  who live their lives without access to toilets.

If this terrible pandemic has highlighted anything it is surely how  intertwined the world is. Long after it is over and the supermarket  shelves are overflowing with toilet paper, there will still be people  enduring extreme poverty and the work financed by Who Gives a Crap will  be just as valuable as ever. (they give much of their profits to build  water facilities in the developing world). BG