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Setup Tools & Automation
1 min read

Setup Tools & Automation

With reservations likely not coming in as steadily as they were before, I am investing my time in setting up tools and automation. If you already have tools and automation, it's worth take a look at your messaging and see if you should adjust it in light of current circumstances. Below are my top tools:

  • I transitioned to OwnerRez, a new property management system/ channel manager at the beginning of this year and I am absolutely IN LOVE with the functionality. It also happened to save me thousands compared to my previous provider.
  • If you don’t have a digital welcome book. Get one! I personally use Touchstay which I love because of the customizations. For instance, we were able to quickly add Corona virus (COVID-19) information for all active and future bookings.
  • PriceLabs and their plethora of customizations and settings provide value to me every single day. However, during this time, I really don’t know what I would do without it. I was able to quickly adjust my strategy thanks in large part to their functionality. They even quickly implemented "Corona pricing" options that you could implement.

Again, I know money is tight right now but what’s amazing is that most of these offer a free trial. Now is a great time to try them for free and determine if they’ll be useful for you when things pick up.

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